Remote Live Production

We have a well-established remote live production setup with triple-redundant internet and Zoom video call integration. We have a portable rig for location recording, using a local internet connection combined with our 4G and Starlink backup connections.

Example production:

Live Event Recording & Production

From theatre and dance shows to classical music concerts, we have multidisciplinary experience to provide an expert service tailored to your production, along with production planning experience to create anything from a fixed camera live recording to a fully produced film version of your show or event.


  • Single camera, fixed position (useful for basic archive record of an event, or rehearsal review)
  • Multi-camera live record & edit (suitable for one-off events and shows)
  • Single or multi-camera directed shoot (turn your theatre production into a film – on stage, or go crazy and book locations and VFX studios!)
  • Turn your special day into a film – with elaborate rigs, hidden cameras and behind-the-scenes crews, we can make your wedding, anniversary, or any special event film into a full-on movie experience!
  • Audio-only – please see the audio engineering page

News Package Editing & Production

(remote news VT editing)
(remote news VT editing)
(remote news VT editing, sound clean-up)


(camera op & voice-over – for Silkworm Digital)


Producer – (as FdA/BA(Hons) Course Leader with University of Bath/Wiltshire College)

Pre-2009 Short Film & Videography

(videography and short film production from 2003 – 2009)